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Medical treatment options

Following diagnosis, you may be eligible for a number of medical treatments that can help to improve your DMO.

Medical treatment options

Get referred

For a definitive diagnosis, you must be referred to an ophthalmologist who specialises in DMO. In order to make a diagnosis, your ophthalmologist will need to perform a number of tests to examine the back of your eye in more detail.

Get Referred

Medical treatments

Following diagnosis, if your DMO is mild, your doctor may decide that treatment is not necessary. In this case, you will be monitored closely and started on treatment at the first signs of disease activity.

There are three main treatment options available for patients with DMO – Anti-VEGF, Laser therapy, and Steroids. Once treatment has started, you will need to attend appointments with your healthcare professional for ongoing assessment and treatment on a long-term basis, to prevent your condition from getting any worse.



Anti-VEGF therapy works by blocking a protein in your body known as Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) that is responsible for causing new blood vessels to grow. It is administered via an injection into the eye and has been shown to improve vision in many different types of DMO patients.



Laser therapy for DMO works by using a tiny laser to seal leaking blood vessels and encourage the reabsorption of leaked fluids. It stabilises vision and can prevent the loss of vision caused by DMO, but usually does not improve vision.



Steroids work by reducing both inflammation to blood vessels and levels of VEGF. They are administered either via an injection into the eye or a small injectable implant in the eye that releases the therapy.

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