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Do I have DME?

Do I have DME?

Things you can do

If you have diabetes and are concerned your vision may be getting worse, there are a number of healthcare professionals who can help you work out what's going on with your eyes.

Get help

Ophthalmologists, optometrists, primary care physicians and diabetes specialists can all help you get a referral to the right person to make a diagnosis.

Eye specialist

Common tests

There are a number of common tests healthcare professionals may use to help detect and identify any problems with your vision. These may include visual acuity tests using standardized eye charts, amongst others.

Snellen Chart

Tip – get your eyes checked regularly

You should have your eyes checked at least annually. Regular eye screening increases the chances of any issues being found early, improving the chance of a full recovery. If you have early signs of eye problems, you may need more frequent eye exams.

Eye Check

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