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Follow a healthy diet

Diabetes is all about how your body responds to blood sugar. So what you eat has a big impact on your condition.

Healthy diet tips – Sugar is one of the most obvious parts of your diet to think about, but there are many other things you can change that will help you follow a healthier diet.

Here are some tips to kick start healthy eating habits.


Eat regular meals

Space your meals evenly throughout the day, and make sure you have breakfast!


Watch the amount you eat

Watch your overall portion sizes. If you are trying to lose weight, you may need to adjust them. Try using standard plates, dish out your vegetables and let this fill up your plate, and have a glass of water before a second helping.


What to eat, and what not

Carbohydrates, fat, protein, salt and sugar are all part of a balanced diet. The key is eating the right ones, in the right quantities. For example, all carbs affect blood glucose levels, so you should watch the amount you eat. Similarly, you should keep sugary foods and drinks for an occasional treat, and find alternatives where you can.


What to drink, and what not

Water is best, but herbal teas and some foods, particularly fruit and veg, all contribute to this total. If you choose to drink alcohol, you should limit your daily intake of alcohol, drinking only in moderation.

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