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Treatment initiation

Your treatment may be given on the same day as your diagnosis, but depending on which clinic you visit, you may need to return another day for your treatment.


  • Remember to take your eye drops for a few days before your appointment if your doctor or nurse has asked you to
  • Arrange transport to and from the clinic – don’t drive!
  • Your current glasses for reading and/or distance
  • Contact lenses may get in the way of any tests, so have your lens case with you just in case you are asked to remove them for an examination
  • Don’t wear any make up to the appointment

Questions you may ask

  • What treatment do you recommend, and what does the treatment plan look like?
  • How do I book my next appointment?
  • Can I use the Vision Coach app?

Questions you may be asked

  • Do you have glaucoma?
  • Have you had any eye infections recently (sticky, watery eye)?

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