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Managing your condition

DMO is a complication of diabetes, so managing your diabetes is an important part of managing your condition.


How to look after yourself when you have DMO

There are some areas you will need to pay careful attention to in order to keep the condition under control. One is managing your diabetes. This means attending all your appointments, making a note of your glucose levels as measured by your doctor or nurse and keeping track of these compared to your target value.

Good blood pressure levels (130/80 mmHg or less) and good blood cholesterol levels (4 or less) are important to prevent your DMO from getting any worse.

Other factors you should consider are eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and giving up smoking (if applicable). Your GP should be able to provide advice in all of these areas, and may refer you to a free education class. These are available locally to give advice on maintaining a healthy diet and blood sugar levels.


DMO management

There are a number of medical treatments available for managing DMO, including Anti-VEGF injections, steroids and laser treatment. Your ophthalmologist will decide which one is best for you.

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