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DMO risk factors

What are the risk factors?

A DMO risk factor is anything that increases the likelihood of you developing it. Since DMO develops as a complication of diabetes, it shares many of the same risk factors.


Duration of diabetes

Everyone with type 1 or 2 diabetes is at risk of developing eye disease. The longer you have lived with diabetes, the greater your chances are of developing DMO.


High blood sugar

Persistent, high levels in blood sugar increase the risk of developing DMO, as well as the rate of disease progression.


High blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the risk of developing DMO.


High cholesterol

High levels of blood cholesterol in patients with diabetes increase the risk of developing DMO.



Cigarette smoking increases the risk of DMO.


Other complications of diabetes

Other risk factors include pregnancy, heart disease, kidney disease, anaemia, sleep apnoea, glitazone usage, obesity, genetics, frequent alcohol consumption and a sedentary lifestyle.

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